Dollars Stay, Flavor Comes: Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs Special

Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs

Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs: Sonic Corn Dog Day 2024

Hey there, fellow corn dog lover! Are you aware of the good news? Sonic is bringing back their famous Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs for 2024. On October 31st (Sonic Halloween Special), you’ll once again be able to grab a delicious corn dog for just two quarters. It is a limited-time offer to satisfy your corn dog craving without breaking the bank.

Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs

Sonic offers the joy of biting into one of their corn dogs for both new and old fans, so don’t miss this precious event. The classic corn dog is a hot dog dipped in cornmeal batter and fried until it’s golden brown. Add ketchup, mustard, or chili for extra flavor. At only 50 cents, you might want to order more than one. So feel free to make use of this offer.

Sonic’s 50 Cent Corn Dog Special is always hugely popular, so head to your nearest drive-in starting New Year’s Day. Bring your family, bring your friends, and get ready to make new memories over an American classic. The delicious deal won’t last long, so don’t delay! Happy snacking!

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Sonic’s Famous 50 Cent Corn Dogs Are Back!

  • The Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs promotion is a favorite among Sonic fans and is making a comeback in 2024.
  • These delicious corn dogs are a symbol of summer, with a hot, crispy exterior and a 100% beef hot dog inside.
  • Sonic’s unique sweet corn batter gives their corn dogs a signature taste that keeps customers coming back for more.
  • The 50 Cent Corn Dog Sonic offer will be available on October 31 at participating Sonic Drive-In locations.
  • Stay updated on the exact dates by checking the Sonic app and their social media channels for the latest information.
  • Ordering your discounted corn dogs through the Sonic app is a breeze; simply select the 50 Cent Corn Dog Sonic deal and add as many as you desire to your cart.
  • This promotion offers a fantastic opportunity to enjoy as many corn dogs as you want without breaking the bank, as each one costs just 50 cents.
  • With Sonic’s wide presence, you’re likely to find a location nearby and partake in this irresistible deal.
  • Plan ahead with loved ones for this once-a-year opportunity at Sonic. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a carful of corn dog indulgence!

The Components for 50 Cent Corn Dogs sonic Include

  • Flour: is a key ingredient in the batter for hot dog coating.
  • Water: Ensures the right batter consistency for dipping.
  • Eggs: Bind the ingredients and add richness to the bread.
  • Baking Powder: Provides a light and fluffy texture to the bread.
  • Wieners: The heart of Sonic Drive-In’s corn dogs
  • Breading: Made from flour, cornmeal, water, eggs, and a touch of baking powder.
  • Oil: Used for meticulous deep-frying, achieving a perfect golden-brown finish.

Nutrition Facts About 50 Cent Corn Dogs Sonic

Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs
NutrientAmount Per Serving% Daily Value
Total Fat19 grams24%
Saturated Fat5.2 grams26%
Polyunsaturated Fat3.5 grams
Monounsaturated Fat9.1 grams
Cholesterol79 mg26%
Sodium973 mg42%
Total Carbohydrates56 grams20%
Protein17 grams
Calcium102 mg8%
Iron6.2 mg34%
Potassium262.5 mg6%
Nutrition Facts About 50 Cent Corn Dogs Sonic

History of the Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs

History of the Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs

Sonic has been serving up corn dogs for over 60 years, but the 50 Cent Corn Dog is still a fan favorite. Introduced in the early 2000s, this nostalgic snack quickly became a cult classic.
For only two quarters, you get a corn dog and a small drink. Deal of the century! The corn dogs were made of beef frankfurters dipped in Sonic’s sweet corn batter and fried to golden perfection.

  • The 50 Cent Corn Dog was a recession special, giving customers a chance to enjoy a classic carnival treat without breaking the bank. For a limited time, the deal even included free ketchup and mustard for dipping.
  • Though the promotion lasted less than a year, customers never forgot those corn dogs. Requests for Sonic to bring them back poured in over the years through social media campaigns, online petitions, and even handwritten letters.
  • At the end of 2023, Sonic finally listened. To celebrate over 60 years of serving up smiles, the 50 Cent Corn Dog is making a historic comeback. Starting in January, you’ll once again be able to grab a beef frankfurter, corn dog, and small soft drink for just two quarters.

What Makes Sonic’s Corn Dogs So Special?

Sonic is known for their unique corn dogs, and for good reason. Here are a few of the factors that make Sonic corn dogs so beloved:

Premium Ingredients

Sonic uses 100% beef hot dogs and a light, crispy cornbread coating. The hot dogs are made from

  • Quality beef with natural spices
  • No artificial flavors or colors

The cornbread coating is lightly sweetened and seasoned, made from cornmeal, flour, sugar, leavening, salt, and spices. These premium ingredients give Sonic corn dogs a homemade taste that’s hard to beat.

Perfectly Fried

Sonic corn dogs are hand-dipped and fried to order, ensuring each one comes out hot, fresh, and perfectly crispy on the outside while the hot dog inside remains juicy. The cornbread coating gets lightly golden brown with a slight crunch that gives way to a soft, warm interior. Sonic’s unique frying process locks in flavor and is one of the reasons their corn dogs taste so much better than premade freezer aisle versions.

Variety of Toppings

  • Sonic offers various toppings to customize your corn dog.
  • Options include ketchup, mustard, chili, cheese, bacon, and more.
  • Signature toppings like bacon cheddar ranch and Sweet & Spicy pickles add a delightful blend of sweet and savory flavors to enhance Sonic corn dogs.

Nostalgic Appeal

There’s something nostalgic about biting into a warm, crispy corn dog that takes you back to childhood. Sonic corn dogs capture that sense of nostalgia and Americana that makes them a comfort food favorite for all ages. For 50 cents each, Sonic corn dogs are an affordable treat that’s perfect for sharing memories with friends and family.

Sonic’s corn dogs are special because of the quality, taste, and memories they inspire. One bite, and you’ll understand why they’re an American drive-in classic.

Where and When Can You Get the 50 Cent Corn Dogs?

Sonic is bringing back their famous 50 cent corn dogs for a limited time in 2023. Here’s everything you need to know to get your hands on this tasty deal.


The 50 cent corn dog promotion will be available at participating Sonic locations nationwide. So don’t forget to check your local Sonic Drive-in to see if they are running this deal. The promotion typically runs for about 6 to 8 weeks, starting in late January or early February.

Days and Times

During the promotion period, 50 cent corn dogs will be available all day, every day, while supplies last. The corn dogs are made fresh to order, so the earlier in the day you go, the better your chances of snagging this bargain bite. Weekdays, especially Mondays through Wednesdays, also tend to be less crowded if you want to avoid any lunch or dinner rushes.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Arrive with cash in hand to speed up your order since the 50 cent corn dogs are not available on the Sonic app.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for extra ketchup, mustard, or your favorite dipping sauce. Condiments are free!
  • If corn dogs aren’t your thing, Sonic also has great deals on drinks, slushes, and ice cream treats to pair with your meal.

How to Make the Most of Sonic’s 50 Cent Corn Dog Deal

When Sonic brings back their 50 cent corn dogs, it’s time to make the most of the deal! Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

Check the Details

First, confirm the details of the promotion on Sonic’s website or social media. Typically, the 50 cent corn dogs are offered for a limited time, maybe just a day or a week. Note the specific dates, so you can visit multiple times before the deal ends. Also check if there are any restrictions, like a maximum number you can order in one transaction.

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Go During Non-Peak Hours

Aim for non-peak hours when the drive-ins are less busy, like late morning or mid-afternoon. The staff will have more time to fry up fresh corn dogs for you, and the wait time will be shorter. Plus, there’s a better chance your order will be made correctly without errors during off-peak periods.

Order Extra for Later

At just 50 cents each, you can afford to order a bunch of corn dogs at once. Get some extra to enjoy later at home. The corn dogs can be stored for 1-2 days in the refrigerator and reheated in the oven. Just heat them at 350 F for 5–10 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 165 F.

Ask for Special Dipping Sauces

Sonic’s corn dogs always come with a side of ketchup for dipping, but don’t be afraid to ask for other sauces to mix it up. Their chili, ranch dressing, honey mustard, and barbecue sauces all pair great with corn dogs. Some Sonics may even have cheese sauce, which is perfect for drizzling on top!

Bring the Whole Family

A deal this good is meant to be shared. Bring some friends or the whole family to take advantage of the promotion together. Between all of you, you can sample corn dogs plus drinks, sides, desserts, and more at an affordable price. Turn the trip into an enjoyable social outing at Sonic with everyone’s favorites.

With some strategic planning, Sonic’s 50 cent corn dog event can turn into an affordable feast. Follow these tips, and you’ll get your money’s worth in delicious corn dog goodness. Enjoy!

FAQs about Sonic 50 Cent Corn Dogs

Sonic is bringing back their famous 50 cent corn dogs for 2023, and fans have questions! Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular promotion.

Yes, for a limited time, the corn dogs will be priced at just 50 cents each. Sonic is known for their affordable menu items and promotions, so they’re continuing that tradition by offering these corn dogs at a price that can’t be beat.

The Sonic 50 cent corn dog promotion typically runs for about 4 to 6 weeks, starting in January and ending in mid-February. The exact start and end dates vary from year to year, so be sure to check with your local Sonic for their schedule. These corn dogs are only around for a short time, so take advantage of the deal while you can!

Most Sonics will allow customers to purchase up to five corn dogs per visit during the promotion. However, some locations may have additional limits to ensure there are enough for all guests. It’s best to ask the speaker before placing your order.

Sonic’s corn dogs are all-beef hot dogs hand-dipped in a sweet cornbread batter and fried to a golden brown perfection. They are typically served plain, but you can customize them by adding ketchup, mustard, cheese, chili, or other toppings for a small charge.

Sonic’s 50 Cent Corn Dog Day is on Halloween, October 31, 2023. A tasty deal dating back to 1979, don’t miss it—just 50 cents per corn dog. Perfect for Halloween fun!

Is there anything else I should know?

  • These corn dogs are a popular item, so be prepared for larger than normal crowds during the promotion. Going during off-peak hours may result in a shorter wait.
  • The corn dogs are best eaten hot and fresh, so get them as soon as possible after ordering.
  • Ask about combo deals to make it a meal. Sonic frequently offers discounted drinks, tots, and slushes to pair with the corn dogs.
  • Enjoy this tasty blast from the past and take a trip down memory lane with Sonic’s 50 cent corn dogs! They’re not around for long, so grab them while you can.

Sonic Customer Services

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So there you have it, Sonic fans. Your beloved corn dogs are back for another year, and at a price that can’t be beat. For only 50 cents, you get a delicious corn dog made with 100% beef hot dogs, hand-dipped in Sonic’s signature sweet corn batter.

It’s the perfect treat to satisfy your craving for something salty and sweet. At a price this good, you might as well grab an extra one or three! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Sonic drive-in and get your 50 cent corn dog fix before they’re gone. And here’s hoping they keep this awesome deal going for many more years to come. Your taste buds and wallets will thank you.

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