Sonic’s 5-Piece Crispy Tenders Combo: Double the Chicken, Double the Fun?

5-piece crispy tenders combo

Calling all chicken tender fans! Sonic’s 5-Piece Crispy Tenders Combo promises a finger-lickin’ good time with more chicken for your buck. But does it deliver juicy, crispy goodness, or leave you feeling like you ordered a whole lot of “meh”? Let’s cluck our way through this combo and see if it’s a winner or a dud.

Price and Nutrition

  • Price: $7.59
  • Calories: 820–2960 calories (Calories may vary by selection)

What’s Included?

You will get the following things in 5-Piece Crispy Tenders:

  • Crispy Tenders, 5 Piece
  • Side
  • Drink

What’s On It?

The chili cheese coney combo comes with:

  • Signature Sauce Packet

Extra Condiments (with Calories)

  • Signature Sauce Packet: 100 cal
  • Honey Mustard Packet: 90 cal
  • Mayonnaise Packet: 40 cal
  • Salt Packet: 0 cal
  • Ranch Dressing Packet: 110 cal
  • BBQ Sauce Packet: 40 cal
  • Ketchup Packet: 10 cal
  • Pepper Packet: 0 cal
  • Mustard Packet: 5 cal

More Tenders, More Fun (Hopefully)

5-piece crispy tenders combo
5-piece crispy tenders combo

This combo is all about the chicken. You get five crispy tenders, made with all-white meat for a satisfying bite. The golden batter promises a satisfying crunch on the outside, while the chicken itself should be juicy and flavorful on the inside.

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Dipping Delights and Sidekicks

No chicken tender experience is complete without dipping sauces! You get your pick from a variety of options, from classic ranch and honey mustard to bolder flavors like buffalo and hot sauce. Find the perfect sauce to complement your crispy tenders.  The combo also comes with your choice of a side: crinkle-cut fries for dipping or fun and textural tater tots.

The Verdict: A Crowd-Pleaser (Usually)

Reviews for the 5-Piece Crispy Tenders Combo are generally positive. People love the extra chicken compared to the 3-piece option, making it perfect for sharing or satisfying a bigger appetite. The crispy texture and juicy chicken (when cooked right) are crowd-pleasers. Plus, the variety of dipping sauces and sides lets you customize your combo to your liking.

However, some reviewers have mentioned inconsistency in the crispiness of the tenders, with a few finding them a bit soggy on occasion. Additionally,  a few have mentioned that the chicken can be a bit bland on its own, relying heavily on the dipping sauces for flavour.

Dipping Your Way to Deliciousness

The key to enjoying this combo seems to be finding the perfect dipping sauce for your taste buds. Experiment with different options to discover your favourites.  If you find the chicken a bit plain, consider adding a sprinkle of your favourite seasoning.

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Final Words

Sonic’s 5-Piece Crispy Tenders Combo is a great choice for those who crave a classic chicken finger experience with a bit more chicken. The variety of dipping sauces and sides allows for customization. However,  if you prefer guaranteed crispy perfection or are concerned about potential blandness, you might want to consider another option.

Overall Rating:  A solid 4 out of 5 stars. This combo offers a familiar and satisfying chicken finger experience with a larger serving size. Just be prepared for potentially inconsistent crispiness and experiment with the dipping sauces to find your flavour bliss.


Five crispy tenders, dipping sauce of your choice, fries/tots, and a drink.

What dipping sauces come with the 5-Piece Crispy Tenders Combo? 

You can choose from a variety of options like ranch, honey mustard, buffalo, and hot sauce.

It depends on the dipping sauce you choose. The chicken itself is not spicy.

Yes! You can choose your dipping sauce and side (fries or tots).

It depends on your appetite. It’s a good portion size for the price, especially if you’re sharing or have a bigger appetite.

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